Natural Beauty


Heron Island is an unexpected treasure.  And international resort right on the Great Barrier Reef.  A National Park within a Marine National Park.  And a world famous haven for divers.

Its beautiful white beaches melt into a kaleidoscope of living coral and brightly colored fish.  Perfect for snorkeling or reef walking at low tide.  In Summer, turtle lay their eggs and hatch on the beach near your room.  Whales migrate in September.  And a bountiful array of birds have made Heron their home.

Few holidays offer such an unusual mix.  A combination of unspoilt, natural beauty with top quality facilities and service.  But then, Heron is unique.  An island out of the blue.

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Cradle Mountain Lodge, Tasmania.  A wilderness retreat set on the northern edge of the World Heritage listed Lake St. Clair National Park.

A timeless place set apart by a wealth of natural beauty.

Cast a fly for trout of throw another log onto a huge open fire.  Abseil a sheer rock wall or unwind with a book in a soft leather chair.  Park your canoe in the middle of glassy Dove Lake or settle down in the restaurant to a glass of red wine.  Climb to a mountain peak or just climb back into bed.

At Cradle Mountain Lodge you just let nature take its course.


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Set at the very edge of a magnificent National Park, Brampton Island nestles along beautiful, white, sandy shores.

Blessed with abundant natural beauty, and located in the spectacular Whitsunday Passage, it is a perfect place to begin exploring the wonders of the tropics.  The marvels of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are but a short boat trip away.

Visitors can also expire Brampton’s  on land pleasures.  Including 108 elegantly appointed Blue Lagoon Units, tennis courts, a chip and putt golf course, native Australian animals and restaurant of enviable quality.

On Brampton Island, everything is possible.