Premier Inns Phoenix is located in the fabulous Metro Center; one of the largest shopping malls in the Southwest with more than 200 stores, 37 restaurants and 17 theatres. All within easy walking distance. Premier Inns’ lanai rooms are located in an oasis setting with private patios overlooking a beautiful, landscaped pool area. Luxury and mini suites are also available. A mini-resort setting near the Phoenix Hi-Tec Business Center, the Sky Harbor Airport and championship golf courses, Premier Inns Metro Center is ideal for both the business traveler and vacationer alike.

Nature lovers and outdoorsmen will particularly enjoy the island, which is home to more than 40 rare species of plants and animals.  Directly under the Northeast flyway, it attracts more varieties of birds than anywhere else in New England. Hikers will love “The Greenway”, a series of maintained hiking paths that wind from mid-island south to the bottom of Block Island; take a stroll along ancient stone walls and through the “Enchanted Forest”. You can fish offshore for bass, bluefish, and giant tuna, or rent a sailboat, canoe, or a sea kayak.  Visit Mohegan Bluffs, rising 150 feet over the Atlantic; they were named for 40 Mohegan Indians who were thrown to their doom while unsuccessfully attacking the local Indians in the late 1500’s.

Oh yes, Block Island has a fascinating history as well, loaded with lore and legend.  A nightmare for mariners, the island has been the site of over 200 major wrecks.  Through the early 19th century hundreds of smugglers, pirates and privateers used the island as a hideout, and endless tales of hidden treasure are told by islanders.  Speaking of the locals, chat with a few and you’ll find interesting stories about every facet of the Island, from which houses are supposedly “haunted”, to the most ferocious storms the island has weathered.

In the summer, the island is an escape from the New England heat, with temperatures consistently 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the region.  But be forewarned – the Block may be unspoiled, but it is no longer undiscovered, at least in summer, so plan ahead.  There are many superb old inns and B&B’s to choose from, but call soon if you want your first choice.