Himeji Garden is a nice place where it is situated in corner South Terrace and Glen Osmond Rd. This traditional Japanese garden, complete with temple gate, lanterns, bridge and lake was established to symbolize the friendship between Adelaide and the Himeji region of Japan.

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Cradle Mountain Lodge, Tasmania.  A wilderness retreat set on the northern edge of the World Heritage listed Lake St. Clair National Park.

A timeless place set apart by a wealth of natural beauty.

Cast a fly for trout of throw another log onto a huge open fire.  Abseil a sheer rock wall or unwind with a book in a soft leather chair.  Park your canoe in the middle of glassy Dove Lake or settle down in the restaurant to a glass of red wine.  Climb to a mountain peak or just climb back into bed.

At Cradle Mountain Lodge you just let nature take its course.


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Peace is not impossible to come by.  There’s a place of towering hardwoods whose leaves whisper so as not to disturb your reverie.  Where clean air cleanses your spirit.  Where families relax in an affordable vacation.  When love is rekindled beside a crackling fire.  More than a century ago, someone had the vision to share this secluded resort with the word.  Not far from Blacksburg, Virginia, in Giles Country, you’ll find Mountain Lake.