North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountain

North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountain

Take a journey over mountains, lakes, and time.

Experience the beauty and wilderness of North Carolina’s Blue ridge Mountains from small villages like Linville Falls, old Fort, and Little Switzerland.

Miles of hiking trails lead you through emerald forests with spectacular waterfalls, along deep, rugged gorges, and in the steps of the Catawba and the Cherokee who once roamed these romantic hills.  1-800-237-6111 McDowell country, NC.

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Cleland Conservation Park is located at Mt. Lofty, 19km south-east of Adelaide. Includes walk-through aviaries, lakes and areas where animals roam free.
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At the southern end of Darling Harbour, on the edge of Chinatown area. This is the largest garden of its type outside China. It was designed by architects from Guangzhou province, and incorporates traditional pavilions, lakes waterfalls and winding pathways.

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