The water sparkles under a golden sun as you pull farther away from shore.  Headed toward the ideal day, you aim for a place where the shoreline meets a mountain.  Letting you fingers dangle in the crystal clear water, you watch clouds drift by and disappear as quickly as your cares.  Seeing a loon surface just a few feet away, you realized this is as close as you can get to the perfect vacation. 


Set at the very edge of a magnificent National Park, Brampton Island nestles along beautiful, white, sandy shores.

Blessed with abundant natural beauty, and located in the spectacular Whitsunday Passage, it is a perfect place to begin exploring the wonders of the tropics.  The marvels of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are but a short boat trip away.

Visitors can also expire Brampton’s  on land pleasures.  Including 108 elegantly appointed Blue Lagoon Units, tennis courts, a chip and putt golf course, native Australian animals and restaurant of enviable quality.

On Brampton Island, everything is possible.